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Cutting Edge Technology

and Superb Craftsmanship Lettering System.

Resno offers exquisite jewel-like illuminated letters that maximize brands and enhance product
advertising like no other.


Trade Secrets

During our time in the industry, Resno has been the trailblazer for slim, low-profile architectural letters. With tried and true methods and trial and error alike, we’ve been able to create over 20 different styles to accommodate shallow depths, narrow strokes and fine serifs, without compromising lighting integrity and serviceability.

Quality Lighting, Driven by Bitro

LEDs are at the core of illuminated signage and branding. As an industry leader in LED manufacturing for over 10 years, Bitro has extensive expertise that guarantees excellent illumination for every Resno Letter.


Regardless of style or finish, all Resno letters are serviceable. As an alternative to replacing full letters, Resno letters can be updated, maintained and corrected in-field--no need to worry about additional fabrication time or cost. Simply reach out to our technicians, and allow us to help revive your sign.


Attention to Detail

Our dedicated Resno team is unified by our devotion to aesthetics, details, and lighting. We pride ourselves in providing nothing less than quality letters with uniform illumination every time, for every project, no matter how big or small.


Resno is driven by a core belief of providing strategic, creative solutions for everything we get our hands on--and beyond! As we gain valuable insight from in-house R&D, we continue to create new styles and materials that are optimized for low-profile applications.

Experienced Project Management

From client communication to fabrication and engineering, we strive to make your project come to life. With extensive knowledge of our solutions and production capabilities, Resno project managers aim to create your design intent, all while providing timely, transparent feedback.  


Value, service, and seamless delivery--every time. Resno has successfully managed over one thousand projects, each more unique than the last, and has established a standard of trust, expertise, and service with all of our clients.



300 lodi st., Hackensack, NJ 070601

T: 201.641.1004  /  F: 201.614.0057


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